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Forward Thinking

If you asked me what I want the answer would be simple. A MacBook Pro. Thinking about what I actually need is not so simple.

imac-27_1The situation is this. I’m moving from a small house to a slightly smaller but new construction Condo style Townhome. For many years I’ve had a large desk and an iMac to work on. Now the iMac is gone and so is the desk. There’s simply no room for old school thinking in our new place. I want to see just how much I can trim down and apply the newest technologies to my process.

Everything is mobile now. Desktops are becoming a thing of the past, but that leaves one big question going forward. Can I really accomplish everything I normally do on an iMac using an iPad? For the next two months I’ll be staying with relatives while my new place is being built and I was going to get a MacBook Pro for all my computing needs. However this past summer I was given a brand new 6th generation iPad and this past month I began wondering what its limits were.

190198648884-2-zoomIf I can do all the things I normally do on an iMac on an iPad than I don’t need a MacBook Pro do I? My first thought was how could I possibly live without a keyboard? After a week of testing I find that dictation has become so accurate I don’t actually need a keyboard anymore. In fact, I’m dictating this blog post on my iPad as I pace back and forth in the room. On the iMac I would open Safari and visit social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. On the iPad they are separate apps and so far I find that they work better.

Photo and video editing can be done using various apps and Google apps now work as they should on the iPad. For some time Google apps had problems clearing the cache on Apple products but as far as I can tell that has been fixed. I may need an Apple Pencil (stylus) for the video editing and a few other dongles for things like SD cards or external hard drives but at this point buying a few dongles versus buying a new MacBook Pro seems like nothing. Every day I think of something else I may not be able to do on the iPad and I search for an answer. So far all of my processes seem completely possible on the iPad. In some cases the process is improved by it.

The smaller screen is an inconvenience sometimes but not so much so that it would stop me from sticking with it. I’m very impressed at this point and I’ve got some time to decide but it’s incredible to think that I may be replacing a 27 inch iMac and a large desk with a keyboard and a mouse for a 9.6 inch iPad that can go anywhere.