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I can’t help it, I love the RED

Back in June my wife bought me a new iPhone and I toyed with the idea of Vlogging instead of Blogging. For one day I made clips as I did various things in my daily routine. By evening I was tired of trying to record every little thing and it took over an hour to edit it into a fairly decent Vlog that night. I was handicapped by security concerns and not showing our faces or including the details of who we are made the challenge less than interesting. If I were after fame or YouTube success I could see risking the safety of my family the way people do nowadays but neither of those things interest me.

IMG_0695 (1)
16 gigs of ram in this baby

Two months later in mid-August I had the idea of seeing if I could edit old family movies the way Vlogs are edited to make them more entertaining. I could simply make the videos unlisted on YouTube and share the links with family members only. So for the past few weeks I’ve been familiarizing myself with iMovie and editing the many video clips I’ve made over the past year into something more contemporary. So far I’m pleased with the results but I still have a lot to learn concerning video editing and movie making in general. Going forward it will be easier because I’ll have an end result in mind unlike the videos I’ve made in the past. For now I’ll just use the old videos for learning purposes. Perhaps someday I’ll make more of an investment in the gear and software I use but for now I’m satisfied with what my iPhone can produce and the results I’m getting with iMovie on my super charged Mac Mini.

I suppose the goal of this project is to leave something for posterity and share something more interesting with the family. At one time I thought I could put my life into a blog and someday someone would read it but twelve years later the blog is a monster that no-one will want to read. Traditional home movies of the family can also be tedious to watch but if I’m able to condense them and make them more like a Vlog they may stand the test of time.

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